Saturday, June 23, 2012

Long time no.. type..

It's been a few months, since my last post, a lot has happened, far too much to explain; surfing, fishing, injuries, relationships, work, experiences, and so on...

So.. So much!

but it lets me keep some off the tales of adventure for myself and not let the world view my every move and falter. it also lets me think, about stuff; about nothing, maybe even just what to have with a fish fillet that i speared,cleaned and cooked over a fire which i made myself... that one is for you daniel... In a nut shell... A've had chances lately to step out of the shell and try my hand at new and exciting; sometimes trying experiences, and maybe i was not a pro at it, but WTF i gave it my best EH!

Which brings me to life's little lessons which i am conscious of, such as what can one person do with them selves even if they have no idea what they are doing... Pooof after doing it they all of a sudden are aware that they can do it(what ever it may be?)
doesn't matter, they can do it... What is everyone so afraid of???

I know and i'm not going to give up the info, because i am afraid of the same thing, but have taught myself how to over come this... SO i will just lead by example and see what happens... One of very many very close friends(and family)of mine, have said that "to help others" "you must first help your self"; so i choose to lead by example and hope that sometime, someday, i'll be found by some of those people who are doing the same thing; which i've noticed happens more often than most people are aware of... so much information comes to us in ways that can't even be expressed!

From as grounded as a Dolphin acting funny around us( probly due to a tooth infested submarine lurking in the general area?) to a comment from stranger in the middle of nowhere(the desert!) it is all relevant!

So i leave you all for bed with a mission... try listening to your body, your heart and your souls,.. try being aware of all those around you, listen to that stranger on the street, you don't need to believe them, just believe in something; that something is all around us... just try!!! G'night