Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Homeward Bound

After two years here in Australia, I am heading back to Canada for a visit. 

Am rather excited and rather sad as well, I've had an unbelievable adventure here; Surfing, Sailing, Diving, Driving, Living my search. 

Chasing summer around the island(it's a big f@#$ing Island)meeting heaps of people, surfing world class waves alone, sailing with some of the best sailors in AUS, to Bali, malaysia, Thailand and back again. Wondered through some of the most rugged, unforgiving wilderness. 

A've loved, laughed and even cried... just another day called life, the life i chose and am loving. 

Even though life as i now it has changed, i have have not. 

Here are some pics of the last little while... 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Alarm goes off" 
A've arisen from my bunk, dawn my life vest and climb out the hatch into the cool night air. 
I take the helm sleep heavy in me mind.
A blood moon rises over the horizon. 
Sending a chill down me spine as am steering the sails to the wind.
A thought arises of what evil may arise along with thy blood moon. 
Then clear as day am aware. 
'I' am the evil which hath risen!!! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Long time no.. type..

It's been a few months, since my last post, a lot has happened, far too much to explain; surfing, fishing, injuries, relationships, work, experiences, and so on...

So.. So much!

but it lets me keep some off the tales of adventure for myself and not let the world view my every move and falter. it also lets me think, about stuff; about nothing, maybe even just what to have with a fish fillet that i speared,cleaned and cooked over a fire which i made myself... that one is for you daniel... In a nut shell... A've had chances lately to step out of the shell and try my hand at new and exciting; sometimes trying experiences, and maybe i was not a pro at it, but WTF i gave it my best EH!

Which brings me to life's little lessons which i am conscious of, such as what can one person do with them selves even if they have no idea what they are doing... Pooof after doing it they all of a sudden are aware that they can do it(what ever it may be?)
doesn't matter, they can do it... What is everyone so afraid of???

I know and i'm not going to give up the info, because i am afraid of the same thing, but have taught myself how to over come this... SO i will just lead by example and see what happens... One of very many very close friends(and family)of mine, have said that "to help others" "you must first help your self"; so i choose to lead by example and hope that sometime, someday, i'll be found by some of those people who are doing the same thing; which i've noticed happens more often than most people are aware of... so much information comes to us in ways that can't even be expressed!

From as grounded as a Dolphin acting funny around us( probly due to a tooth infested submarine lurking in the general area?) to a comment from stranger in the middle of nowhere(the desert!) it is all relevant!

So i leave you all for bed with a mission... try listening to your body, your heart and your souls,.. try being aware of all those around you, listen to that stranger on the street, you don't need to believe them, just believe in something; that something is all around us... just try!!! G'night

Saturday, December 10, 2011

" If In Doubt, Paddle Out!"

These words, which i not long ago read from a biography of mister pipeline (Jerry Lopez); Has been ringing in my head lately.

Making me feel as though i should be in the water when am doubting myself, or just feeling down, then also when am in the water and i get that feeling like i'm not alone!

It has been over 'One Year' since setting out in search of whatever life was willing to throw at me, searching for a new life or just the same one in a different place lol!
But looking back, i really never knew what it was i was looking for, and i still don't?
I travel alone for the most part, i surf alone most days as well, sometimes i'll even search for a wave with nobody on or near, just to be alone!

But to be totally honest, i really miss surfing with my friends! we push each other to get better, heckle each other for fun, and the all mighty party wave! there is no comparison! a bunch of best buds, laughing and sharing a wave together! nope it is truly magical.

The big pond is big indeed! but ya never forget where ya came from that is for sure! to all the North Shore Superior surfers, fresh and well seasoned, to family and friends  ! may waves of joy fill your hearts!

Mele Kalikimaka! I hope to see you all again sooner than later!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More! than just conservation!

History repeats itself ?

A phrase that lingers in the depths of my mind as of late; This morning after a remarkable session in crystal  clear turquoise blue water, a few pods of dolphins showed up for a surf session. There presence; playing in the waves, speeding along then jumping out of the water, to go do it again!!!! Not only did it make me so happy that i smiled broader than i already was, then began to laugh un-controllaby. As if no matter what was going on around me all that mattered was enjoying this moment of existence, both of us, the porpoise and human, together in one medium, and enjoying the undulations together.

What happens to all of us, on this world, if we consume every resource, or pollute it? Sure i'm no saint either, but only due to the cost of things that are good for our planet, because of value! Because of material value! not usefulness or respect, not even behaviour! Just monetary worth; 'who has the bigger statue' seriously look up  the history of Rapa Nui.

I realize money makes it work, that is not my point, my point is that we should really try sustain our lives in a manner that does not result in the complete destruction of whole ecosystems, species and for lack of a better word 'Blood'(sea water) and fresh water which sustains us, we cannot live without either, if you think about it?

In the not so distant future i will tell of a plan of mine that is a little crazy and going to be damn cool!

Peace and Aloha

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Long time , no talk

in the near future, i'll show everyone what was done off these falls!

To all the reader's, it has been a little while!. Much has happened, much is happening, much more to happen yet.

Ebullient! is the word i've chosen in recent times to express how am feeling most days, wind in me hair, water all around. Sometimes we must be away from that which we love the most, so we may realize if it is true or not; Three month's no waves? , Took some time to swim in rivers and creeks, then the ocean for short but sweet swims. Aerial's where practiced in area's which allowed me too, or i decided i was able too!. While doing this i noticed garbage everywhere, and though i'm only one man and to clean it all,  am noticing that it doesn't matter at some rate, i've cleaned a river bank for nothing, as i returned in a couple weeks to the same spot, to find it worse than when i cleaned it the first time, no one has paid me to do any of this, i've made my way down the entire east coast of australia doing just this for no reason but that no one else is.

I've recently heard that a local surfrider foundation chapter has been formed in my home town, Thanks to Laura Loan. They are conducting river, creek and beach clean up.
we as the caretakers of this world( we all live on this rock don't we?) should try to look after it and keep it clean, don't you think? you can look up your local chapter to volunteer.

You can help clean it up for the future! Think about all those times people say "think about your children's future" ; there is toxic waste being dumped, nuclear waste, you name it, I don't know about everyone else but am not a big fan of swimming in polluted water, think of drinking it as well, yuck!!!!
Ya know if you buried it under ground it will still end up in the water!!!

Anyhow I'm done ranting for the moment, get out there and clean up and enjoy life, make the best of it and never look back with regrets

Peace and Aloha