Tuesday, February 15, 2011

surf meditation, with old souls

Meditation, which i learned from a bro of mine 'Winston Loh'. has become a very important part of life. you also do not need to be Buddhist to meditate. It plays such a keen role in most sports and all do it differently, it allows us to live, "in the moment". It allows us to find answers to questions we already know, so it is really hard to pass up a great place or time to meditate. Some of these trees in 'Cathedral forest' where estimated to be 800 years old ( i soon hope to this same thing with red woods and sequoia's) and to sit with them, and listen to what they listen too,what they have to say... I sat with one tree, around the 800 year mark. i listened. At first there was a ton of traffic near by which i heard plain as day, but then as my new friend started to communicate with me, i noticed a stream near by bubbling away, then some song birds off in the distance, the wind in the branches, as we listened, my attention was brought to a fact that these trees, have encountered many beings, maybe even generations of beings, like the song bird. they do not hear the noise from the highway near by, that will not be there for long ,compared to the time they have spent standing in the wind and rain, for generations of people, birds and all things. Our world is such a wonderful place, it's a huge playground, far better than any we could ever dream of building, we must respect it and live within our means, otherwise we destroy it, lets say to have that mansion in the perfect location that costs a fortune, we cannot even enjoy the location because we must work so much and so hard, just to afford this piece of luxury."Lend me your eyes I can change what you see" Mumford & sons,awake my soul. Life as we know it is changing, enjoy it and play in the world!!!...

Sea ya in the water 

Monday, February 14, 2011

All smiles and laughter!

"I felt the thinnest mountain air cleaning out my lungs" Xavier Rudd,sky to ground!... 
Yep so that last post was out of boredom and a bit of a block, kings and Queens are all over and around, from the person next two you on the bus, stripping down and changing there clothes, the young family struggling to make it by on peanuts, trades people-business people, we are all kings and queens living in a beautiful wide world, every description in comments i feel was bang on... So now on to the exciting stuff, after a short visit with family in Edmonton, my niece showed me a thing or two about riding bush trails in Jaspers, Marmot basin resort, traded wisdom with my nephew and sister, all in all a great visit. I headed out one after noon(tried for morning,didn't happen the temp was -38 without wind chill) so while the car thawed,we played "Mario party", then good bye's where ordered up, stayed in Jasper for the evening, at 'seldom inn' guest house, very beautiful and a super place to stay for those looking!. Got to an early start heading through the mountains on Highway 93 south, i stopped a couple of times and shut the car off and just listened to  the mountains,with a small creek bubbling near by,steam rising from it and the sound of the wind 'Serenity'... i made it to Banf and rode Sunshine Village, very beautiful place. Made it to a place that night, that i have a soft spot for now...Golden  BC, i found a recently opened hostel called the DreamCatcher Hostel, Abi and Gerald Wagner, So friendly and helpful, they where in tune with everyones itinerary, which was such a plus when people where looking for ride share and such,Gerald did such a nice job of renovating the building, very cozy and clean. Anyhow, the goods kicking horse, with some advise from Gerald who was very knowledgeable, i found some fantastic technical runs with a little powder, then i met a young gentlemen by the name of Jacob from Chicago, at the top most in bounds run called stairway to heaven,(i recommend avalanche training everyone, it is handy and a must,also AV gear) So i snapped a few shots and we decided to drop in to the chute, what a blast, I've dreamed of riding mountains like this since a started to ski years ago, and then for the grand finale in golden, climbed to the next highest peak and out of bounds, it is hard to describe the feeling and the view, as well as the thin air while hiking to the peak, then there was the ride down, only a couple of tracks an all kinds of powder, down through the trees, more powder(remember avalanche training and gear boys and girls). The only way i can describe the feeling of being at the top and riding down are like surfing viewing mother earth how she was made, not how we changed it, and moving at the speed of the universe... Now i made it to Vancouver, over to the island and I've been surfing every day with my bro Jeramy, meeting some incredible people along the way and really finding myself out here in this great big world, i recommend to people not to forget about exploring our home Country,Canada is so diverse it will blow your mind to explore it... Get up off that couch, throw that blackberry message conversation B.S that takes all your time and throw it out the window, go explore, home truly is where and what you make it to be!!!. 

sea ya in the water 
sunrise! leaving Jasper

can anyone see the whale?

top of the stairway to heaven 

Jacob and myself 

nuf said!

that's the stairway to heaven over there 

the chute 

the first section after the chute

wisdom over the sink 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

just a mountain away

A true king(or queen) i believe not one who is in power of many people or places, i believe a true king(queen) is in power of himself(herself). They make decisions based on there belief in themselves and there abilities, 'calculated risk's',(from hear on i'll use king but feel free to put in your own) I feel that deep down we are all kings, but i've found along the way many people that are more kingly than they may even know. Kingly is not measured in wealth or control, but experiences, wisdom, knowledge and respect. I believe the richest kings and queens of our short existence on this world where those who only take what they need and continue on, they need not just be travelers, but even those who settle. now to see how many people actually read this, i want to see at least ten different comments, of your definition of Kingly(Queenly) before i post any more pictures(like the ones that brought on this theory)...

If I where to seek, for just one peak, i would find myself weak , from seeking for weeks, i see one there!, just over there!, just one peak, rite over there, i''ll sneak to the top for just one peek, look over there!!!, another Peak!!!!


sea ya on the water!