Friday, December 24, 2010

Here and There

Once upon a time, this tadpole tried really hard to fit in, with the help of many of my friends, new and old; i found  that 'being you' is the most important part of existence. 'If i knew then what i know now'; all the years of trying to fit in ,could have been used towards more productive things, such as better writing skills, playing an instrument: at some point in life i felt as though the image of society really wanted me to be around people all the time (adventures alone were frowned upon); at least as a young man growing up, that is what my interpretation was. I could remember days spent exploring the countryside of Murillo, by foot, bicycle, ATV, 4x4, ya get the idea, i would go out alone and just get lost: I have rekindled that adventurous nature within; at that time people called me a loner, among other more interesting names, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me", (how many people out there have recited this as children ), not to say i am an expert, I am not, but an observation that is fitting to this, and many other entries, is! "To find one's way, one must first be lost", this was my escape from them(society) somewhere in the past (which i have spent time dwelling on : not very healthy i might add:) so the past is the past : only used here for insight!. So on to the present being, to ones self, SOLACE for me has been found in the ocean, the lake, and amongst trees and rocks, basically mother nature, by spending time with the world, ALONE, as a loner, a gypsy, hippie, call it what you will, we are never alone, some people just won't except this(another observation), sorry getting off track here, that's me!. I hope as this adventure goes on!, that i can tap into this kinship with nature, maybe find my own understanding with it.
As surfers i think that we all see the world, from a very different perspective!, travel!  long distances to float in a medium and ride it's natural occuring roller coaster, some for a pass time, others to escape, it helps us through tough times, (like alcohol 'the cause of and solution to all of life's problems') it also causes some tension between some parties, but ya know, surfing, surfers these fellow tribesmen, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, ect. We are a part of the world in a different way and understand one another better than we think, we also seem to look out for each other, even when we do not know it, i am glad to fit into this society.
life is too short to spend all your time trying to make enough money to pay for things you can't take with you, or tell your grand kids about, 'yep your grand dad spent most of his days workin for the many cars he has owned), or instead i'd like to tell them about getting lost and finding my way not working eight to five everyday and then short little adventures on week ends, i will work when i require, i have found my inner adventurer, and do not wish to tell people to do the same, but to inspire, that makes me happy!

My quest, to be a kid again.
My oath, to never give up, regardless of what people say or think, and never back down, no matter how tough it gets
a very talkative line up of another tribe!

a fitting visual metaphor for life 

along with the previous photo,i hope everyone gets it 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nova Scotia, be back soon

almost full moon the other night 

my attention was draw to this shell, the colour, crack and it's imperfections 
pride!, enough said

Well hello all 
i've moved on from Nova Scotia back to Ontario for X-mass with family, i'll miss the coast and will have to back and spend more time with the beautiful surroundings and people. The last storm looked as though it might be a great swell generator but timing was of the essence, after Christmas though "No hindering plans", my stay on the east coast taught me a lot and i can't wait to use those in the rest of the world, I believe that these lessons will aid future learnings of life. 

on to other topics the surf was great no pics of me, as i was surfing alone most of the time and not to worried about it ,in general, The next stop is up in the air, i'm not sure where i'm heading next , hopefully somewhere warmer!

sea ya in the water 


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

foggedy fog, foam filled fun, Halifax harbour, hilarious!

so ya the fog this morning, and the swell, 27ft on the buoy, just cranking. tried to make it out here on lawrencetown beach and was unsuccessful, i made it halfway and beaten to a pulp, inhaled sea foam, and ended half a km or more away from the beach house, from the side shore currents. but i had fun doing it, that is what matters. i was a little frustrated that i didn't get to surf so i grabbed the car keys and forgot my clothes(remember the clothes part), i searched high and low and found other surfers on the same quest so i teamed up with one, a young man named mark(no last names here though) we searched and he showed me a couple spots(possibly secret) and they are gonna stay this way for future generations of Nova Scotian's. he then exclaimed follow me, so i did! who wouldn't eh!, we ended up in Halifax/Dartmouth harbour entrance, we put in from this point with really big rocks(yes by really big i mean large enough to mangle a human corpse) YAY!, woot woot, after a little patience and timing the set waves, made the plunge and got my Arse outta that rock buisness, the waves were a little erratic due entirely to the swell, and this made surfing a bit tedious. in the end though a couple half assed rides by this tadpole and some great rides by some fellow tribesmen. this new friend of mine mark invites me for dinner, seeing as i'm new here, well don't i just think it over for a second and then realize that i cannot, so i decline, now i feel bad cause i did not tell this friend why i did not, BECAUSE I FORGOT MY DAMN CLOTHES!!!. well i'm off to bed the morning comes earlier in the east... these are pics from yesterday and the beginning of the storm to much fog today and rain!

Sea ya in the water: Lum

Monday, December 13, 2010


great sunny day before last

yesterday was a much needed rest and relax day, spent mainly meditating,stretching,snacking and watching movies- it was cold and snowing sort of(really wet and miserable) oh ya and windy very windy. The hope was that this wind may bring more waves today, but it is looking more like a great day to explore not much swell and very sunny(don't worry, the hydrodynamic piloted vehicles stay within reach at all times); just in case!. above are a few pics from, the day before last at Seaforth harbor. sea ya later 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

one end is another beginning

hello all i've left the little big pond (superior) after many exciting off ramps-on ramps-snow storms- and crossing the St.Lawrence river three times(off and on ramps!), some technical difficulties with WA AWA's power outlet, one very confusing morning where i thought it was 8 a.m(aka the new 3 a.m), one epic sunrise in New Brunswick, a giant blue berry in Oxford NS(just for you Colin), lost in Halifax for a couple minutes, and "poof" i'm here in Lawrence town beach surfing