Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More! than just conservation!

History repeats itself ?

A phrase that lingers in the depths of my mind as of late; This morning after a remarkable session in crystal  clear turquoise blue water, a few pods of dolphins showed up for a surf session. There presence; playing in the waves, speeding along then jumping out of the water, to go do it again!!!! Not only did it make me so happy that i smiled broader than i already was, then began to laugh un-controllaby. As if no matter what was going on around me all that mattered was enjoying this moment of existence, both of us, the porpoise and human, together in one medium, and enjoying the undulations together.

What happens to all of us, on this world, if we consume every resource, or pollute it? Sure i'm no saint either, but only due to the cost of things that are good for our planet, because of value! Because of material value! not usefulness or respect, not even behaviour! Just monetary worth; 'who has the bigger statue' seriously look up  the history of Rapa Nui.

I realize money makes it work, that is not my point, my point is that we should really try sustain our lives in a manner that does not result in the complete destruction of whole ecosystems, species and for lack of a better word 'Blood'(sea water) and fresh water which sustains us, we cannot live without either, if you think about it?

In the not so distant future i will tell of a plan of mine that is a little crazy and going to be damn cool!

Peace and Aloha


Eric said...

solid thoughts and words duder. can't wait to here your plan. be well.

Laurie said...

Glad to hear that life and the water is treating you well my dear. Hopefully meet you on a beach sometime soon. xo

John Roland said...

Dude nice choice of words. Its the dolphins, they do it to ya everytime. Remeber Cali? That will always be a highlight throughout my liftime!