Wednesday, December 15, 2010

foggedy fog, foam filled fun, Halifax harbour, hilarious!

so ya the fog this morning, and the swell, 27ft on the buoy, just cranking. tried to make it out here on lawrencetown beach and was unsuccessful, i made it halfway and beaten to a pulp, inhaled sea foam, and ended half a km or more away from the beach house, from the side shore currents. but i had fun doing it, that is what matters. i was a little frustrated that i didn't get to surf so i grabbed the car keys and forgot my clothes(remember the clothes part), i searched high and low and found other surfers on the same quest so i teamed up with one, a young man named mark(no last names here though) we searched and he showed me a couple spots(possibly secret) and they are gonna stay this way for future generations of Nova Scotian's. he then exclaimed follow me, so i did! who wouldn't eh!, we ended up in Halifax/Dartmouth harbour entrance, we put in from this point with really big rocks(yes by really big i mean large enough to mangle a human corpse) YAY!, woot woot, after a little patience and timing the set waves, made the plunge and got my Arse outta that rock buisness, the waves were a little erratic due entirely to the swell, and this made surfing a bit tedious. in the end though a couple half assed rides by this tadpole and some great rides by some fellow tribesmen. this new friend of mine mark invites me for dinner, seeing as i'm new here, well don't i just think it over for a second and then realize that i cannot, so i decline, now i feel bad cause i did not tell this friend why i did not, BECAUSE I FORGOT MY DAMN CLOTHES!!!. well i'm off to bed the morning comes earlier in the east... these are pics from yesterday and the beginning of the storm to much fog today and rain!

Sea ya in the water: Lum


John Roland said...

kinda looks like the lake on big blown out day.

Anthea said...

that is a ridiculous amount of whitewash!! glad you are having fun out there my friend!!