Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nova Scotia, be back soon

almost full moon the other night 

my attention was draw to this shell, the colour, crack and it's imperfections 
pride!, enough said

Well hello all 
i've moved on from Nova Scotia back to Ontario for X-mass with family, i'll miss the coast and will have to back and spend more time with the beautiful surroundings and people. The last storm looked as though it might be a great swell generator but timing was of the essence, after Christmas though "No hindering plans", my stay on the east coast taught me a lot and i can't wait to use those in the rest of the world, I believe that these lessons will aid future learnings of life. 

on to other topics the surf was great no pics of me, as i was surfing alone most of the time and not to worried about it ,in general, The next stop is up in the air, i'm not sure where i'm heading next , hopefully somewhere warmer!

sea ya in the water 


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