Thursday, February 3, 2011

just a mountain away

A true king(or queen) i believe not one who is in power of many people or places, i believe a true king(queen) is in power of himself(herself). They make decisions based on there belief in themselves and there abilities, 'calculated risk's',(from hear on i'll use king but feel free to put in your own) I feel that deep down we are all kings, but i've found along the way many people that are more kingly than they may even know. Kingly is not measured in wealth or control, but experiences, wisdom, knowledge and respect. I believe the richest kings and queens of our short existence on this world where those who only take what they need and continue on, they need not just be travelers, but even those who settle. now to see how many people actually read this, i want to see at least ten different comments, of your definition of Kingly(Queenly) before i post any more pictures(like the ones that brought on this theory)...

If I where to seek, for just one peak, i would find myself weak , from seeking for weeks, i see one there!, just over there!, just one peak, rite over there, i''ll sneak to the top for just one peek, look over there!!!, another Peak!!!!


sea ya on the water!


LL said...

1) Doing something to give back to the earth
2) Finding something you are good at, enjoy, and strive to do the best at it that you can.
3) Taking risks and making mistakes
4) Learning from your mistakes
5) Helping others
6) Helping ourselves
7) Living in a conscious state of awareness
8)Reading, absorbing, reading, thinking, reading, forming your own thoughts....reading, writing....share your thoughts but don't discount anothers.
9) Doing things that bring you joy.
10)Love and caring: for oneself, and for others, even when they don't return it. You can never give too much, and everyone needs it.

Now post some pictures! :) lol

John Roland said...

Kingly... who can learn from those around him, no matter his stature... who takes only what he needs and gives back more than he takes... who shares life with others... who is confident enough to choose his path without worry of humiliation or gossip... who can respect for what is...

and finally, one who can enjoy a good Whopper.

Lets see some pics.