Tuesday, February 15, 2011

surf meditation, with old souls

Meditation, which i learned from a bro of mine 'Winston Loh'. has become a very important part of life. you also do not need to be Buddhist to meditate. It plays such a keen role in most sports and all do it differently, it allows us to live, "in the moment". It allows us to find answers to questions we already know, so it is really hard to pass up a great place or time to meditate. Some of these trees in 'Cathedral forest' where estimated to be 800 years old ( i soon hope to this same thing with red woods and sequoia's) and to sit with them, and listen to what they listen too,what they have to say... I sat with one tree, around the 800 year mark. i listened. At first there was a ton of traffic near by which i heard plain as day, but then as my new friend started to communicate with me, i noticed a stream near by bubbling away, then some song birds off in the distance, the wind in the branches, as we listened, my attention was brought to a fact that these trees, have encountered many beings, maybe even generations of beings, like the song bird. they do not hear the noise from the highway near by, that will not be there for long ,compared to the time they have spent standing in the wind and rain, for generations of people, birds and all things. Our world is such a wonderful place, it's a huge playground, far better than any we could ever dream of building, we must respect it and live within our means, otherwise we destroy it, lets say to have that mansion in the perfect location that costs a fortune, we cannot even enjoy the location because we must work so much and so hard, just to afford this piece of luxury."Lend me your eyes I can change what you see" Mumford & sons,awake my soul. Life as we know it is changing, enjoy it and play in the world!!!...

Sea ya in the water 


Eric said...

.live the life you want.
this phrase echoes in my head these days, and the more i ponder on it, the more it makes me think.
Good insights Liam. peace
be well

John Roland said...

All I can say is Amazing!

stay loose.

Brian said...

Hi Liam, glad you're enjoying BC. Some friends are sailing to Indonesia from Townsville in a couple of months. Do you want to crew on their boat? If you'll be here in time, let me know so that I can look into it for you. Have fun