Friday, March 4, 2011

life... in general... as it goes... on and on , and on

Well then guys and gals, too put into perspective the life of a "transient" 'gypsy', it is fast; we go through towns and states and provinces, very quickly to start, then we start to slow down and smell the flower's, (got a pic of that, but not set up for that at the present time... later), we just got back into Canada;(so glad to be back); don't get me wrong our american neighbours are great, very friendly, helpful, and courteous, but i am glad to be in mother Canada, as well as on mother earth! come on now... .

After 5000km and change... in two weeks... roughly... estimated of course, it was probly more? . WA- AWA and I had one hell of an interesting adventure, good times, good people, and good surf, not to mention good time... what i mean by that is, my clock consisted of the sky and dark meant sleep, light meant wake up, and waves meant surf, rocks and trees meant climb, hot sun meant 'siesta'!... oh ya!. 

Hear is a curious question for people! how dark is dark?, if one does not know the meaning of dark?. Yep that is it. In the red wood forest, we found a tree! big enough! to park behind!(so as no one could see us), cooked dinner on a small fire: and CRASHED! it was so dark i couldn't see my hand in front of my face!!!. What  a great sleep we had, in the Red Wood Forest. 
Time well spent, with 2000 year old Giants. 

We drove through a tree, called the chandelier tree(Due to it's shape i guess). We just barely fit through; with the (THULE carrier) on the roof and all.(pictures to come). I must add, WHAT A GREAT TRIP TO 'SOCAL'.
Being out on the road like this, It's a little hard to put into words how good it feels to be following dreams and, just abiding by day and night, all rhythm of the day and night, as nature intended us to!!, I hope that i may follow this rhythm for the rest of my life. 
It brings great peace to my solitude!!!

sea you all in the water somewhere 


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